Minimally Invasive Restoration of Worn Dentition: Understanding “Complete Dentistry” Concepts

Released: Thursday, August 31, 2017

Expires: Monday, August 31, 2020

By Ian Buckle, DDS

Commercial Supporter: Dawson Academy

At a time when dental professionals are embracing more conservative restorative treatment methods, following a minimally invasive approach is desirable when treating patients with worn dentition and whose enamel and/or dentition are already compromised. However, restoring esthetics and function and curtailing the re-restoration cycle, while remaining cost-effective, may require varying degrees of intervention depending on the needs of the patient. Understanding the fundamental concepts of complete dentistry will help dentists establish anatomical, functional, and biologic harmony among the teeth, masticatory muscles, and restorations so that patients with tooth wear can be treated in the most appropriate and minimally invasive manner possible.


  • Describe the complete dentistry protocol for treating patients with worn dentitions.

  • Explain the specific occlusal goals of complete dentistry when treating tooth wear.

  • Discuss different approaches that have been used to resolve tooth wear issues.

  • Identify the criteria for selecting the most appropriate treatment approach and material when treating patients with tooth wear.

About the Author

Ian Buckle, BDS
Private Practice, Wirral, England

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